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Mészáros Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2007 - WAS $388

Mészáros Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2007 - WAS $388


Cabernet Sauvignon



Wine Region:

South Pannonia, Hungary


The pride of Mészáros Winery, this Reserve is a wonderfully complex and rich red wine blessed with forest berry aromas and soft velvety tannins


Gold medal at Pannon Top 25 Wines 2010; Gold medal at Prestige Reserve Wine Competition


0.75 l


14.4% by vol.

The Mészáros family cultivates a vineyard of 80 hectares in Szekszárd, in the South Pannonian wine region, offering a beautiful selection of red wines from fresh and fruity to more complex medium to full body ones.

The winery is equipped with the latest technology. The wines are processed in steel tanks by a closed-system technology, in automated red wine fermenting tanks, with continuous laboratory control. The aging process takes place in barriques and casks. Wines are aged in the family’s 800 m2 cellar built in loess soil, at constant 14 °C / 57 °F temperature and optimal humidity. The original 250-year-old bricks cover the cellar walls. The cellar was renovated in 2002 and expanded by three cupolas. Besides being a spectacular structure, it is an ideal place for aging red wine.

Dark ruby in colour, prunes and red forest fruit on the nose, mixed with soft vanilla aromas due to ageing in oak. Well-rounded fruitiness on the palate with a long spicy finish

Food pairing:

Great with steaks and roast beef or pork. Also try it with spicy stews of venison or lamb. Recommended serving temperature: 16 °C

Grapes are hand-harvested from the best yield-limited vineyards of Szekszárd, and double-selected to ensure only healthy berries enter the fermenting tank. During the 21-day on-skin fermentation the mesh is gently macerated. Subsequently, two years of ageing follow in Hungarian oak barrels, to give this wine a smooth ripe finish. Produced in a limited amount of 2,000 bottles only

Technical data:

Alcohol content: 14.4% by vol.
Residual sugar: 0.5 g/l
Total acidity: 5.1 g/l

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