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Etyeki Kúria Chardonnay 2009 - WAS: $168

Etyeki Kúria Chardonnay 2009 - WAS: $168





Wine Region:

North Pannonia, Hungary


Rich dry white wine from the Etyek hills with good body and elegant acidity


Gold medal with 94 points at AWC (Austrian Wine Challenge) 2011; Bronze medal at Chardonnay du Monde 2011


0.75 l


14.5% by vol.

Etyeki Kúria was established in 1996 with a grape growing area of 2 hectares. Through significant development and expansion works, Etyeki Kúria soon became the leading winery of its wine region and today operates on an area of 18 hectares. The winery has a capacity to ferment up to 1000 hl. Its current annual production exceeds 70,000 bottles.

Etyeki Kúria has made serious efforts to introduce eco-friendly farming over the past few years. Ongoing expansion and facility improvement works also include various environment-friendly solutions, including the use of green energy for heating and cooling. The land is treated with green manure only, and every fall the vineyard staff plants nitrogen-consuming crops (barley, vetch, rye) in between the vine lines, which are rotated back in the soil in the spring to loosen and nourish the land. Etyeki Kúria uses no herbicides, only manual and machine hoeing. They also avoid use of pesticides in the vineyard, installing in their place sex-feromon traps against pests. To prevent fungus spread in the vineyard, specialized instruments indicating when sporulation occurs have been installed, and treatment timed accordingly - reducing the amount of spraying significantly. Other than the rare use of fungicide, there are no other chemicals used in the vineyards. In the winemaking, the wines all go through spontaneous fermentation, using the absolute minimum required amount of sulphur. In the ongoing expansion works the winery makes an effort to use eco-friendly technologies such as gravity based processing, use of manual maceration and, significantly, the use of geothermal energy for the heating and cooling of the facilities –Hungary is blessed with extensive geothermic resources that can be utilized for green energy.

In 2009, a partnership was established with the Esterházy Winery of Trausdorf, located near the Hungarian-Austrian border. Within the framework of this cooperation, not only is there a viticultural and vinicultural exchange of ideas, but also the marketing expertise to bring Etyeki Kúria onto the world stage.

Fine walnut and almond aromas accompanied by fresh citrus notes. On the palate it is soft and exudes full flavor and a lively, elegant acidity. Pleasant fruitiness comes through as a rich flavor unfolds in the glass. Very good length.

Food pairing:

Great with seafood, smoked or grilled fish, or meats served with creamy sauces. Recommended serving temperature: 10-12 °C

Grapes hand harvested in several steps. After careful cool pressing, 65% underwent reductive, low temperature fermentation in stainless steel tanks, 30% was fermented in large 20hl Hungarian oak barrels, the remaining 5% was fermented in new 300l oak barrels. Matured on the fine lees for six months, then bottled following another three months of maturation.

Technical data:

Alcohol content: 14.5% by vol.
Residual sugar: 1.3 g/l
Total acidity: 6.1 g/l

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