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Mészáros Bikavér Reserve 2009 Featured in HK Daily News

Feb 22, 2013

From the Wine Column of HK Daily News:

"Release date: Feb 19, 2013

Be bold on the move!

By the time when readers’ read this, it is still the Lunar New year. In a new bright year, positive thinking/ story is undoubtedly needed!

Most people only heard of the Tokaji from Hungary. In fact, the “Bull’s Blood” Bikavér is also a well known Hungarian wine in the world.

In September 1552, 2,000 Hungarian soldiers protected an important castle against 150,000 Turkish army. On the night before the battle, the captain of the Hungaian army ordered the soldiers gather the food, the wine and killing the bull for their “last supper”. Red wines were drank and spilled all over the beards and the helmets of Hungarian army. Possibly because of the wine, the Hungarian solders were so brave to fight and scared off the Turkish army to flee. After the battle, a legend was widely spread on the Hungarian soldiers by drinking bull’s blood before the battle. The wine they drank, Bikavér, then being named as”Bull’s Blood”.

Mészáros Bikavér Reserve 2009 has a warm crimson red colour. The primary nose is the outstanding black fruit and spices aroma with black cherry, blackberry, eucalyptus and herbs. The second nose is vanilla, chocolate, pine and violet. Palate is smooth and soft, less powerful than the aroma, blueberry, green bell pepper and pepper flavor linger the tongue warmly and tightly. A medium body wine with medium acidity, a long finish with dried fruit and a pinch of spicy note.

It goes well with dishes such as: Grill lamb chop or rack, stew mutton, spaghetti with meatballs. Chinese dishes like lamb pot or sizzling chicken pot are also wonderful. The best serving temperature is 16°C.
Szekszárd is the motherland of the Kadarka (the main grapes for Bull’s Blood) which is located in the South of the Budapest of Hungary. 


Wishing you all have a good year and a brand new start!"

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