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Tokaj-Hétszőlő the "Most Beautiful Vineyard" in 2012!

Oct 19, 2012

October brings not only the time of celebrating harvest and the new vintage, but also some fantastic news about our winery partners. Tokaj-Hétszőlő, our Tokaj partner won the prestigious title of the "Most Beautiful Vineyard of Hungary 2012"! Congratulations to Tokaj-Hétszőlő - we are proud to carry their wines!


"To the South side of Mount Tokaj, the Royal Imperial Estate of Tokaj-Hétszőlő owns the most fertile land and the best vines, and since 1502 Nature has given more generously of its fruits here than anywhere else. No surprise, then, that it has attracted the attention of the greats of the wine world for over 5 centuries!


The creation of the Estate owes nothing to chance: the Garai family simply selected the best 7 parcels of the land in the region, hence the name - Hét Szolo means "7 parcels of vineyard" in Hungarian. There then followed a series of prestigious owners, including Gaspar Karoli, translator of the Bible into Hungarian, Gabor Bethlen, prince of Transylvania, then the Princes Rakoczi, a grand aristocratic family. The Habsburg royal family finally took possession of the vineyard and Tokaj-Hétszolo became an Imperial Estate in 1711. It was to remain the property of the Austro-Hungarian Crown for almost two centuries. 


Wines this admirable were never going to remain a secret for very long... the parcels of the Tokaj-Hétszolo Estate were classed as Tokay Premier Grand Cru as early as 1772, when the Estate still belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This distinction pays homage to the unique characteristics of what is an exceptional terroir.


Following a turbulent 20th Century, the prestigious Tokaj-Hétszolo Estate became one of the Michel Reybier vineyards in 2009, joining Cos d'Estournel, Saint-Estèphe Grand Cru classé, Château-Marbuzet and Goulée Médoc.


Although Nature never reveals all its secrets, the superior qualities of the Estate can be explained in part by the atypical location of its 55 hectares of land. The volcanic rock here is covered by a particularly thick layer of loess, and the directly South-facing side of the hill benefits from optimum levels of sunshine. The parcels overlook the mists where the Rivers Tisza and Bodrog meet, and enjoy the perfect microclimate for Botrytris cinerea, which produces the much-prized noble rot.

Nowhere outside Tokaj do so many favourable conditions come together in one place - a gift from Nature that gives Tokaj-Hétszőlő its outstanding character. As a gesture of thanks to Nature for its generosity, a tradition has evolved of passing down the exceptional know-how of Hungarian winemaking from generation to generation. The organic farming methods practised today enable the land to be preserved and the vines, which were entirely replanted in 1991, to be better managed. The entire Estate has been harvested by hand for 500 years. The barrels, crafted by artisan coopers from the region, are made from the finest oak from the Zemplén mountains."


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